Holy Trinity Church Wavertree

Church of England - Diocese of Liverpool

June 2014

I feel as if I am on a roller coaster ride this year!    It only seems a coupld of months ago since we celebrated Christmas and mere weeks since Easter.  Instead, it is fast apprroaching midsummer, and already things are being planned for Autumn!

It is good, though, to take time to enjoy the present.   Yesterday Archdeacon Ricky joined us to celebrate my colleague John's ten years of ministry at Holy Trinity and to relicence him for a further 5 years.   Of course, John has been a member of the church community for many more years than those of his formal ministry as decon and priest, and it was lovely to be with him and Chris, and to give thanks for all they do with us.

On July 6th we celebrate Holy Trinity's 220th birthday and the week afterwards the 3 Wavertree Churches come togetehr for a barbecue at holy Trinity.

Plans are also coming together for the Vigil we are planning to commemorate the foutbreak of world War !.  The Hall will be open for refreshments, some vintage music and speakers will share knowledge, poetry and experience.    In the church, there will be times of prayer at 9pm. 10pm and 10.50pm, but there will be space just for quiet reflection and gentle conversation for those remembering people who have been caught up in conflicts old and those still troubling our world.

The Vigil will be held on Monday 4th Augist from 8 - 11.30pm.   People from all walks of life will be welcomed to share in this time of reflection and prayer.    You may like to bring a candle if you would like to participate in the 10.50pm prayers and a photograph of a relative who was involved in the WW1 war effort or even someone who has involvment in current day places of conflict.

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